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More K-12 Educational Projects

Natchez Adams High School


LOCATION    Natchez, MS

CLIENT          Natchez Adams Public School District

TYPE              Education

SIZE               square feet: 150,000


New Construction

Higgins Middle School Renovation



CLIENT          McComb Public School District

TYPE              Education

SIZE               square feet,




LOCATION       Monroe, Louisiana

CLIENT            Monroe City School District

TYPE                Education

SIZE                 square feet



Minnie Ruffin Elementary school  located in Monroe, Louisiana.

The final goal of M3A was to renovate and convert the existing spaces to fit the new program requirements as well as add on to the existing facility.  Additions to Monroe City School District were eight new classrooms, enlarge the cafeteria, and library area. 


Minnie Ruffin Elementary School Renovation and Addition
West Tallahatchie School Auditorium Renovation

LOCATION       Tallahatchie County

CLIENT            Tallahatchie County School District

TYPE                Education

SIZE                 square feet

Lincoln Preparatory School


LOCATION       Grambling, LA

CLIENT            Lincoln Preparatory

TYPE                Education

SIZE                  square feet



New school construction for a k-12 facility for approximately 750-800 students.  Overall program characteristics are for administrative space, classroom space for 750-800 students, cafeteria and kitchen, library, computer labs, science labs, gymnasium, athletic support spaces, art lab, performing arts spaces, stage, and athletic event spaces to include but not limited to a football field and stadium with support facilities.


Boyd Elementary School

LOCATION        Jackson, Mississippi

CLIENT             Jacskon Public School (JPS)

TYPE                 Education




Additions and alteration to Boyd Elementary School include:

  • Demolition of existing classroom suite due to structure failure.

  • Renovation and addition to existing kitchen.

  • Installation of a new cafeteria.

  • Installation of a new administration wing.

  • New library and media center with computer labs.

  • Addition of 4 classrooms and restrooms

  • Construction of a new parking lot, driveway and site improvements.

k-12 Compass Rose

LOCATION       Various Schools

CLIENT             K-12

TYPE                 Education




Compass Rose, sometimes called a wind rose, rose of the winds or compass star, is a figure on a compass, map, nautical chart, or monument used to display the orientation of the cardinal directions (north, east, south, and west) and their intermediate points. It is also the term for the graduated markings found on the traditional magnetic compass. Today, a form of compass rose is found on, or featured in, almost all navigation systems.


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